Dance Extreme Academy’s Winter Showcase is the week of December 17– 20.


There are no regular classes that week only the special performances! This is not mandatory however we encourage all dancers to participate!

Please remember to arrive 15 minutes prior to your performance time. Seating and parking are limited. At the conclusion of each show we will invite all of our dancers and guests to join us for some refreshments in the lobby. If you'd like to bring in a treat to share, we would greatly appreciate it!

Please find your child’s class listed below. The performance day and time may differ from the regular class day and time. If your teacher chooses to have your class wear something outside of our studio dress code, they will discuss that with the dancers/parents individually.

If you have any questions, please email 

Monday, December 17, 2018

5:30pm Show:
Lyrical 3- Ms. Lindsey

Ballet 1B: Ms. Karlee

Acro 1A: Ms. Ashley

Combo 3 (4:30 class): Ms. Rose

6:15pm Show:
Acro 1B: Ms. Ashley

Combo 3 (5:30 class): Ms. Rose

Acro 2A: Ms. Ashley

Tap 1A: Ms. Cathy

7:00pm Show:
Acro 2B: Ms. Ashley

Lyrical 4: Ms. Lindsey

Contemporary 3: Ms. Lindsey

Pre- Pro: Ms. Cathy


Tuesday, December 18, 2018

5:30pm Show:
Combo 2/3: Ms. Alexus

Ballet 2B: Ms. Mallory

Acro 1A: Ms. Sam

Jazz 1B: Ms. Martha

6:15pm Show:
Ballet 3: Ms. Mallory

Ballet 1A: Ms. Skylar

Acro 3A: Ms. Sam

Jazz 2A: Ms. Skylar

Acro 3B: Ms. Sam

7:00pm Show:
Contemporary 2: Ms. Martha

Ballet 2A: Ms. Mallory
Intro to Modern: Ms. Skylar

Ballet 5: Ms. Mallory

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

5:30pm Show:

Pee Wee: Ms. Rose

Combo 1(1:00pm)- Ms. Rose

Combo 2 (2:00pm)- Ms. Rose

Lyrical 1: Ms. Lindsey
Ballet 3: Ms. Laren

Ballet 1B: Ms. Rose

Jazz 5: Ms. Lindsey

6:15pm Show:
Lyrical 2: Ms. Martha

Tap 3A: Ms. Cathy

Pointe: Ms. Laren

Jazz 2B: Ms. Lindsey

Contemporary 1: Ms. Martha

Ballet 4: Ms. Laren

7:00pm Show:
Tap 1B: Ms. Cathy

Jazz4: Ms. Lindsey

Jazz 3: Ms. Martha

Tap 2: Ms. Cathy

Tap 3B/4: Ms. Cathy

Thursday, December 20, 2018

5:30pm Show:
Ballet 1A: Ms. Martha

Hip Hop 1: Tetris
Combo 1: Ms. Alexus
Combo 1 (Saturday): Ms. Karlee

6:15pm Show:
Jazz 1A: Ms. Martha

Hip Hop 4/5: Tetris

Combo 2: Ms. Alexus

Ballet 2A: Ms. Laren

7:00pm Show:
Teen Fusion: Ms. Alexus

Hip Hop 2: Tetris

Ballet 2B: Ms. Laren

Hip Hop 3: Tetris


Winter Showcase


We have relocated to our brand new 10,000 sq ft facility! Call or stop into the studio to register for classes! 

1720 Davenport Drive

Trinity, Florida



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