45 min per week          $55.00/month

1 hour per week            $58.00/month

1.5 hours per week       $75.00/month

1.75 hours per week    $83.00/month

2 hours per week          $90.00/month

2.5 hours per week       $110.00/month

2.75 hours per week    $120.00/month

3 hours per week          $130.00/month

3.5 hours per week       $145.00/month

3.75 hours per week    $150.00/month

4 hours per week          $155.00/month

4.5 hours per week       $170.00/month

4.75 hours per week    $178.00/month

5 hours per week          $185.00/month

5.5 hours per week       $195.00/month

5.75 hours per week    $205.00/month

6 hours per week          $215.00/month (unlimited)

Unlimited family            $320/month (Siblings only)

2nd sibling discount 8%

3rd sibling discount 8 %

This discount does not apply to unlimited rate.

Registration Fee's

Non-refundable Registration fee $30.00 new students /  $25.00 returning students

$45.00 new family / $40.00 returning families (Cash/Check only)

Trial Class

Trial Class – 1 free trial class

If interested in more than 1 trial class = $25 for a full week!

Forms of Payment

We are now accepting credit cards for re-occuring charges only

(i.e monthly tuition). We will only accept cash and check for additional payments such as costumes, recital fees, private lessons etc. 


Cancellation Policy

If you choose to drop a class you must inform the front desk and complete our "drop class form" before the 7th of the month or you will be charged for the following month's tuition. 

50% OFF!

DEA offers various drop in classes each month. These class prices can vary starting at $15 (cash only). All dancers in the community are welcome to attend these open classes.  

2021-2022 Class Schedule!


PDF Version - Schedule

Creative Movement (Age 2.5 ) 

Combo 1  (Age 3) - Ballet, Tap & Jazz  

Combo 2 (Age 4/5) - Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Acro

Acro 1-5 - *Dancers must be placed in their level

Stretch/Condition - Recommended for Ages 8+

Leaps & Turns - Recommended for Ages 8+

Contemporary 1-5 *Dancers must be placed in their level

Ballet 1-5 *Dancers must be placed in their level

PBT- Progressive Ballet Technique (Requires additional equipment rental fee)

Hip Hop 1-5 *Dancers must be placed in their level

Jazz 1-5 *Dancers must be placed in their level

Lyrical 1-5 *Dancers must be placed in their level

Tap 1- 5 *Dancers must be placed in their level

Team Block- Extreme Team Members Only

***If you are enrolled in a Lyrical or Contemporary class it is mandatory to also be enrolled in a Ballet class!

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