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Erin Yonke


*Acrobatics Instructor,  Cheerleading Judge, Acro Base & Flyer

Erin has 20+ years experience between gymnastics, cheer and partner acrobatics.  She truly feels that many of our disciplines "speak the same language" and loves to blend all types of acrobatics into an approachable practice for all ages and levels.  In 2017 she co-founded The Movement Sanctuary; which is a circus arts warehouse in St. Petersburg FL, where she has trained with some of the top Circus Professionals in the industry.   While attending Florida State University (graduating in 2011), she was the head coach for a small Allstar Cheerleading Gym, where she won various Choreography awards throughout Florida competitions.  Today, Erin is the Circus Acro Coach at Aerial Dragons Studios in Tampa, and is a teacher at Armwood High School teaching Business & Marketing. 

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