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 R E C I T A L  2022

Recital June 4-5th (Evening)

Dress Rehearsal June 4-5 (Daytime)

River Ridge High School - 11646 Town Center Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34654

Saturday June 4th Show

Sunday June 5th Show

Email: Texting Service: 727-275-0656


WHAT TO EXPECT: Recital is such an exciting time of the year. We pride ourselves on making this show as seamless as possible. For our new families at DEA, we encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to so you can enjoy your first recital! We recommend stopping by our front desk during our office hours or contacting us via email or text. We will do our best to reply to the texting service the days of show if any immediate questions come into account however please understand we will be very busy!

During dress rehearsal and recital show days, we only allow volunteers and stage crew backstage. We will have volunteers in both dressing rooms to assist and monitor the children. Parents, it is highly recommended to pack your children a lunch, snacks, water and activities. The venue asks we avoid any juices or drinks with dye and gummy like snacks. Label everything you send for your child. The safety of your children is our number one priority and this is why we do not allow any non-volunteers backstage during these nights. If your child requires medical assistance or has allergies, please email the studio at  

TICKET SALES: Our recital tickets are available for purchase online. The link to purchase will go live on May 23rd at 6:00pm. Tickets are $25 each. Please note this price reflects venue rental, the administrative costs of organizing and preparing dress rehearsals and two shows, professional sound and lighting equipment as well as theater staff etc.

Recital tickets are non refundable/exchangeable so please make sure you are purchasing for the correct show. We do not sell tickets at the studio.  Any remaining tickets will be sold at the door the night of each recital $30 cash only. You will need to show your proof of tickets/purchase on your mobile device at the venue.  Seats are assigned when purchasing tickets online.

The ticket link to purchase is: 

**Please remember children ages 3+ will need a ticket. Children ages 2 and under can sit on laps. 

RECITAL HI-DEF VIDEO LINK - This price was included in your recital fee and will be emailed to families. The timeline varies however there are usually completed in August. Please be patient as they require editing! Please remember that there is no videography allowed during recital. Due to the contract DEA has signed with the Video company we must adhere with this rule. We will have ushers there to help adhere with this rule.  

DANCERS ARRIVAL – When students arrive to dress rehearsal/show please come with hair and make up complete. Our younger dancers can arrive in costume. You may pack a change of clothes for them to  change into following their performance. Dancers who do not need as much assistance with changing can pack their costume and change on site.


Hair (NO BANGS IN FACE) All hair must be slicked back out of the dancer’s face by using hairspray or hair gel. We advise packing Bobby pins as and touch up items as well. Hair must go accordingly to the hair/shoes/tights list previously sent out. 

Find your Class Shoes/Tights/Hair List here! 

Make-Up - The dancers make up should go as followed: 

  • Face: Foundation to match skin tone 

  • Eyes- Neutrals/browns on eye lid, white on top, black or brown eyeliner, mascara.

  • False lashes optional

  • Red Lip Stick (Extreme Team members have both red and team lipstick)

  • Cheeks: Light Pink Blush/Bronzer

  • Dancers should have no color nail/toe nail polish on for the show as well as no jewelry!


VENUE FOR DRESS REHEARSAL AND SHOW: River Ridge High School: 11646 Town Center Rd, New Port Richey, FL 34654 


RECITAL VOLUNTEERS: A volunteer sign-up sheet is located at the front desk for each show (Saturday and Sunday).  If you volunteer, you will help all students in your assigned room with costume and hair changes.  Volunteers will be allowed to watch your child while on stage from the side wings. You must be available to volunteer for both dress rehearsal and the evening program. Volunteers may leave between dress rehearsal and the show time but must arrive back by drop off time.  You can choose to volunteer for one or both shows. The sign-up sheet will be removed from the front desk once the maximum number of volunteers has been reached. We appreciate all our volunteers.  THANK YOU!


DRESS REHEARSAL DROP OFF PROCEDURE: Stop by our check in table by the side entrance (follow signs). Students will then be brought to their appropriate dressing rooms. You will need to sign in on our contact sheet and you will be given a wristband. You must have the band to pick up your child at the conclusion of rehearsal; it is our only way to keep track of the kids. NO ONE will be allowed inside the theatre for rehearsals, unless you are volunteering. Parents are welcome to wait in the parking lot or return to the facility at our recommended pick-up times. 


Show 1 (Saturday 6/4) dress rehearsal begins at 12 Noon (Must arrive 11-11:30AM) MANDATORY. Dancers must stay throughout the entire dress rehearsal. Approximate pick-up time is 2:30-3:00pm. 

Show 2 (Sunday 6/5) dress rehearsal start time is 12:30PM (Must arrive by 12:00PM) MANDATORY. Dancers must stay throughout the entire dress rehearsal. Approximate pick-up time is 3:00-3:30pm. 

Students must be picked up between the dress rehearsal and showtime in the evening.  

PICK UP PROCEDURE: Pick up times are approximate. We average each show to be 2.5-3 hours. Please do not attempt to retrieve your child before they have been officially dismissed by the directors/teachers/volunteers. You must have your wristband present for pick up following rehearsal. You will sign them out at the same location you checked them in. 

RECITAL SHOW TIMES: BOTH SHOWS 1 (June 4th) and 2 (June 5th) begin at 6 PM.  Arrival/drop off time for all dancers is 5 PM.  Doors will open to the theater 30 minutes prior to show time.  

Just like rehearsal, you will stop by our check in table, retrieve a wristband and sign your child in. Students will then be brought to their appropriate dressing rooms. NO ONE will be allowed inside the theatre or backstage area except parent volunteers and faculty. 

Please understand that dancers cannot leave the venue until after the finale which is at the end of the show (with the exception of combo students ages 3-5). Please understand this is for the safety of your children. Please be patient with our staff and volunteers, the checkout process can be timely but will flow smoothly with your patience and following of procedure. You will meet back at the check in area with your wristband, and sign your child out at the conclusion of the show. 

THEATER RULES: Please turn off all cell phones upon entering the theatre! Doors will open 30 minutes prior to show time. You must have your online ticket confirmation. Taking pictures and flash photography are strictly prohibited inside the theatre and if found in use will be confiscated until after the show. As most theatre patrons know, dancers must stay focused to avoid injury. Please respect the theatre policies and be respectful of your fellow audience members. The videographer we hire will provide the highest quality video. Please also refrain from getting up and entering/exiting during performances. Please wait until the conclusion of a performance to move around the theater. 

CONCESSIONS: We will be selling concessions (food/drinks) as well as small gifts prior to the show as well as during intermission. It will be cash only. The table will be by the theater entry.  

RECITAL T-SHIRTS: If you did not pre-order a recital t-shirt, we will have a few additional shirts available to purchase on site at the check in/check out table. First come first serve. They will be $25 cash only. If you pre-ordered a t-shirt they will be distributed at the check in table. 

RECITAL PROGRAMS: Your one copy of the recital program (included in your recital fee) will be handed to you at the time of check in. We will have digital versions available via QR code as well as additional programs for purchase at the entrance of the theater. 

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